Spot Metals

Safe and stable into the future with precious metals.

Why should you invest in spot metals?


Precious metals are attractive investments during times of uncertainty.
Throughout history, gold and silver have been exchanged for commodities and currencies, and today’s investors are drawn to the perks and advantages.

What exactly is spot metal trading, and what does it entail?


Spot metal trading is the process of exchanging a spot metal, such as gold or silver, for a currency.

A trader might, for example, decide to trade silver against the US dollar (XAG/USD) or gold against the British pound (XAU/GBP).

What influences the gold price?

Gold is in high demand.

In general, the price of gold rises when demand grows.
Because of its cultural and financial worth, as well as its use in numerous industries such as technology and jewellery, the amount of gold purchased annually has quadrupled worldwide since the 1970s.

Financial strain and political upheaval

Gold is regarded as a safe haven investment during times of financial crisis and/or political unrest because it preserves its value.
Given the world economy’s substantial uncertainty after 2008, gold has become a popular investment instrument.

Gold and the US dollar

The link between gold and the US dollar is intricate but usually inverse. When the value of the dollar falls, investors seeking an alternative store of value rush into gold, driving up the price.
A declining dollar raises the value of other currencies, and increased purchasing power raises demand for gold, which was previously costly.


Inflation and interest rates are inextricably related; a persistent rise in general prices is likely to lead to higher interest rates.
Gold tends to do well in high inflation and deflation conditions where financial stress is significant.

The policy of the central bank

Another factor that can influence gold prices is changes in interest rates.
The inverse relationship between gold prices and interest rates has been especially significant since the 2008 financial crisis.
Periods of low or negative interest rates are very beneficial to gold.


Silver, like gold, is frequently utilized as an investment, and the values of the two metals are known to move in tandem.
However, because silver is significantly more in demand as an industrial asset than gold, events in the technology sector, where it is employed for its conductivity, have a far higher impact on its price.