About Maikeru
Asset Management

Maikeru Asset Management is an independent and global asset management company specializing exclusively in the foreign exchange market and spot market. The company invests, trades in the global financial market and manages assets for institutional investors and private clients, advising them on investment strategies and solutions. We look forward to guiding you into the world of investing, whether you are looking for a good investment opportunity or looking to build your wealth sustainably. We would be pleased to assist you and provide you with further support.

We have a simple goal: to help everyone achieve financial prosperity.


Our vision

Our vision is to offer every investor the opportunity to build wealth for the future with our knowledge and expertise. In addition, we have the goal of creating a passive source of income for our investors, which in turn will make their future even more promising.


“Even a small seed can eventually become a tree and bear many fruits.”

Our values

We have important values that we value, respect and adhere to.

High Quality

Due to the high demands and expectations of our clients, we constantly strive to deliver services and work of the highest and exceptional quality.

Reliability & Ambition

We show our ambition by working consciously, efficiently and consistently. We perform our tasks every day with the utmost care and reliability.

Trust & Transparency

We keep our customers constantly informed about developments in the company and in the area of investments. When it comes to investment opportunities and risks, customers deserve open and honest communication at all times.

Customer friendliness & Discretion

We give customers our undivided attention. Whether they need help or have queries. We offer our customers absolute discretion and privacy. Customers are people with interesting stories to tell, and we treat their concerns personally and seriously. Indeed, the interaction between our customers and us is very important to us.

Why Maikeru Asset Management?

We are a highly driven, youthful company with a great deal of ambition and enthusiasm. We commit our complete attention and expertise to foreign currency trading. Furthermore, we have transparent and equitable terms with our clientele. Maikeru Asset Management provides asset management services to all types of customers, including affluent investors, experienced investors, and novice investors looking to participate in small amounts. We offer our services to everyone.

What makes us different?

Maikeru Asset Management is not a bank and is not administered in the manner of one. The company is solely involved in asset management. We do not want a conflict of interest between our clients and ourselves. Our clients may constantly inquire about their newest improvements because of our easy registration procedure and uncomplicated monitoring of client accounts.

What you can expect from us

Maikeru Asset Management’s main strength is most likely in performance, as it has an appealing monthly return increase of minimum 1% to 5% through the proper investments in the Forex market. We are highly competitive with other asset management firms due to the very good performances that Maikeru Asset Management delivers. We have long-term and sustainable investing objectives that range from 5 to 30 years. The customer’s money and the company’s money are kept tightly separate, ensuring the money’s safety. You may rest certain that there will be no hidden prices or fees from our side.

The performance comparison relating and past performance to a capital market product is not a guarantee of future results. The investors may request the prospectus from Maikeru Asset Management Company Limited or distributors for additional fund information. An investment in a fund is subject to currency risk and may deliver a lower return than the initial investment. The investment manager hedges currency at his or her discretion. Before making an investment decision, consider the product's features, conditions, and relevant risks. It is advisable for investors to review the prospectus of the fund to determine if there are any tax benefits.

There's a high level of risk or complexity involved with investing in a Maikeru Asset Management Investment Fund, which is different from investing in a general fund. Regardless of previous investment experience or previous transactions in a capital market product, the investor should understand the risks and specific conditions of these funds and seek additional advice from distributors and/or management company before making a decision to invest.

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