We have a clear aim in mind: the long-term growth of your assets.

Professional asset management

You want a trustworthy asset manager to manage your assets.
You want transparency and security at the same time.
Our experts will assist you in making long-term investments with your funds.
This ensures that the investment activity is in line with your expectations.
Give us a mandate, and we’ll handle your assets on your behalf.

Overall competent service

You obtain complete professional asset management services.
This implies you don’t have to keep up with market changes and make investing selections all the time.

Individualized solutions

During talks, we get to know you and guarantee that our asset management is tailored to your specific needs and goals.

Risk management in investing

Diversification across different investment products is critical for risk reduction.
Our asset management funds are also a smart solution for lesser investment amounts.

Take advantage of the following benefits when you work with us:

You may expect complete support for your investments with our experienced asset management.
You can always rely on our financial specialists’ competence.
We maintain a close watch on your portfolio and capitalize on market possibilities.

Reliable and knowledgeable

Rely on our worldwide knowledge if you don’t want to make every investment choice yourself and want to have our asset management specialists implement your investment plan professionally.

Observant and efficient

Seize market possibilities right now. We constantly monitor your portfolio and evaluate global industry changes.
This enables us to adapt to developments in real time and capitalize on your investment possibilities.

Diverse and safe

Solutions that work – Our solutions have been tried and proven to protect your assets across a wide variety of asset classes.
The weightings fluctuate in response to financial market movements and provide appropriate diversity at all times.

Precise and collaborative

Asset management via professionalism and innovation – We believe in an organized and transparent investment approach.
We wish to collaborate closely with you in an atmosphere of trust, transparency, and cooperation.

Individual and appropriate

You choose the risk. Our risk-return-optimized asset management funds take your own risk profile into consideration.
Our risk management at Maikeru Asset Management guarantees that your portfolio always meets your investing plan.


All key information is listed briefly and concisely for clients and interested parties.


The most important in a nutshell

Minimum investment :

100 USD

Our costs :

Performance fees per annum (20%)*

Withdrawal :

From one week to three months (depending on your bank). We have no influence on third-party providers.

Return on investment (ROI) :

From up to 1% or even more in monthly return (depending on which CFD funds you have chosen and the current global financial market situation).

Risks :

We make every effort to reduce the risks as much as possible. In extremely bad circumstances, your capital could reach a drawdown of 90% until it reaches the initial amount again.

Division of the annual profit :

80% goes to the client, and 20% goes to the company. (*)

Monthly report on the development of your portfolio :

Always at the beginning of the 1st day(**) of the following month (e.g., June 1).

Deviations may occur. (**)

Annual report on the development of your portfolio:

Always at the beginning of the following year (e.g., January 1)(**).

Deviations may occur.(**)

Exclusive conditions :

If your investment has not made profits by the end of the year or has even suffered a loss. Then we do NOT charge you any honorarium fees.

Drawdown :

Drawdowns occur when an investment, trading account, or fund declines from its peak to its trough for a specific period of time. The percentage of the drawdown between a peak and its trough is usually quoted. When a trading account has $1,000 and the funds drop to $900 before rising back to $1,000, the account has experienced a 10% drawdown. Drawdowns are useful for assessing the historical risk of various assets, comparing portfolio performance, and tracking personal trading success.