How to invest in Forex and
Spot Metals CFD Funds

In 4 steps to becoming a successful investor.

Investing can be so easy!


1. Arrange an appointment

5 Min.

Contact us via email with your contact information, and one of our financial advisors will get in touch with you right away.


2. Consultation

60-90 Min.

During your first consultation, we discuss your investment wishes and needs. We go over your risk profile and investment strategy. We automatically create your portfolio for you based on your preferences. And when you’re happy with the concept, we sign the contract together. So as soon as we receive your deposit, we can get started right away.

3. Transfer of funds

20 Min.

You can easily transfer the amount via e-banking. Upon receipt of your payment, we will immediately add the funds to your desired investment.


4. Conclusion

5 Min.

Relax and track the progress of your investment. Contact us first if you wish to make any adjustments or make a new investment. We are always available to assist you. Also, consider whether you want to invest more or less.