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The performance comparison relating and past performance to a capital market product is not a guarantee of future results. The investors may request the prospectus from Maikeru Asset Management Company Limited or distributors for additional fund information. An investment in a fund is subject to currency risk and may deliver a lower return than the initial investment. The investment manager hedges currency at his or her discretion. Before making an investment decision, consider the product's features, conditions, and relevant risks. It is advisable for investors to review the prospectus of the fund to determine if there are any tax benefits.

There's a high level of risk or complexity involved with investing in a Maikeru Asset Management Investment Fund, which is different from investing in a general fund. Regardless of previous investment experience or previous transactions in a capital market product, the investor should understand the risks and specific conditions of these funds and seek additional advice from distributors and/or management company before making a decision to invest.

The website provides information on Thailand-domiciled unit trust schemes managed by Maikeru Asset Management Company Limited. The information and products contained on this website are for investors both within and outside of Thailand. This website is subject to important legal and regulatory restrictions. This information is outlined in the Disclaimer section, which you should read before proceeding. By proceeding, you represent that you understand these restrictions.

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